Why You Should Buy a Used Mercedes-Benz

Unless you have been born yesterday, everyone knows of the brand – Mercedes-Benz. The German based luxury car manufacturer builds automobiles that encompass both style and function. Mercedes is an established name and it’s totally possible to buy a used Mercedes that can turn into an investment into the future. Mercedes cars don’t lose value as quick when you compare them to other brands from other manufacturers. Although the cost of a new Mercedes can be quite high so if it’s not in your budget you may opt to purchase a used Mercedes Benz.

Here are some reason why you may wish to invest in a used Mercedes.

Overall Market Value

When you buy a new car, and it doesn’t matter which manufacturer it came from, it will always depreciate after you purchase it. However with a used car you could buy it, and sell it the next day for profit in some cases. With a brand like Mercedes, this makes it all too easy. It’s also possible that the Mercedes you buy could eventually turn into a classic. Some Mercedes Benz cars today command 10x the sticker price of when they were new!

Status Symbol

The name Mercedes-Benz is associated with status and prestige. Being an owner of a Mercedes car clearly states your status in life.  People do look at you differently when they know you drive a Mercedes. If status is important to you, then buying a used Mercedes that is just a few years old and still looks like new is a very attractive opportunity.  The crazy thing is you can buy a used Mercedes for the price of a new Honda!


Each Mercedes that is built is a real thing of beauty. Forget the extensive over-engineering that goes into these cars, it’s the flow of the lines and the original styling that sets them apart from other cars. Many have tried to copy Mercedes. In fact, there are some “manufacturers” in China that have attempted to make a copy of a Mercedes Benz. That should tell you a lot!


If you have never driven a Mercedes or even been a passenger, you’re missing out. Even if you just go for a ride in a friend’s Mercedes Benz it’s something that you should try at least once. People that have never been in one will understand once you go for your first ride. It’s quite a different car from the norm. As a driver, you’ve got a plethora of controls to make you comfortable. As a passenger, some models even have zone air conditioning and adjustable seats.


Mercedes-Benz goes through a vigorous safety program to ensure the integrity of their cars should it be involved in an accident. Not only do they have a reputation to uphold, but the company really does care about keeping their customers safe. Each model goes through several crash tests, stress tests and the like. Multiple air bags are built into every Mercedes with a very strongly built cabin that can withstand an impact at high speed.

If you are in the market to buy a used Mercedes and want to save some money, avoid the large dealerships owned by Mercedes. Find a smaller dealer than specializes in pre-owned Mercedes-Benz like Dupont Auto Centre in Toronto but just make sure you have the car fully checked before buying. Accident reports are available online and most dealers are ok with you taking it to your mechanic for an inspection.

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Theft

There is no doubt that motor bikes have risen to be the most reliable form of day to day transport. Whether it is mail or pizza doorstep deliveries, motorcycles have established themselves as a very important part of the society. With such a valuable asset always comes risky concerns in theft. It is very painful to lose a motorcycle especially when you consider the amount of money that goes into purchasing it. Unfortunately, motorbike theft in UK continues to be issues to be concerned of.

How bike thefts occur

Different with vehicles which have doors that can be locked to prevent petty thieves, bikes are easier to commandeer as some are even so light that they can be easily carried away. Many bike thefts in UK involve cases where someone easily dismantles the ignition cables and rides the bike away. Professional ones would even drive a truck by and load in your bike without anyone noticing. For this, it is thus advisable that you take proper measures to protect your bike. There are so many ways to help safeguard your motorcycle when from such thefts.

Buy a bike lock chain

There are so many industrial-grade chains that could help lock your bike to some iron bars on the road or fences. Many thieves will easily dismantle a bikes input lock system, but will need stronger equipment to cut off a chain. Simple buy a chain and be sure to run it well through the bike before locking it to an iron bar. There is surely no reason to run the chain through the front wheel alone as someone can easily undo the wheel and carry the bike away. You should instead uninstall the front wheel and chain to the rear part of the bike. Be sure to run the chain through the main frame so as not to give a thief any chance.

Install an alarm system

A modern common way is to have an alarm system. This mostly work to warn the owner that someone is touching their bike or trying to take it away. Be sure to opt for quality products so as to avoid failure cases. However, thieves can still find a way to undo the alarm system as all that is needed is disconnecting power. There is only one final and sure way of safeguarding your bike.

Install a tracking system

Finally, besides having a combination of the above named alternatives, every owner should opt for the best motorcycle tracking systems to make it easier for recovery even when stolen. Modern pieces utilize top location technologies to easily tell where a bike has been taken to. Be sure to utilize all these method so as to avoid finding yourself on the victim side of bike thefts. Good luck!

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