Pardon Our Dust

Please pardon our dust we are working on the new Below is a list of things you can expect from our new site when we launch very shortly.

  • Added Belgium Custom Show to 2016 Calendar
  • Added a few more pics to members gallery & Germany 2015
  • Added Euro 2016 info
  • New Germany & Sweden Lambretta pages.
  • As you can see , we’ve taken the paint brushes out to the site to give it a wee freshen up. The core pages & content remains the same. But If something has vanished… let me know at .
  • There’s bound to be things that get mucked up in the decoration process, and please don’t think I’ll spot them all… so gimme a shout if there’s something amiss.
  • Got some pictures from do’s & rally’s we can put up – send ’em in please.
  • What would you like to see added to the site ? 
    What will make it radically different ? Or just keep up with the Jones’s ? What do you want here that you can’t get elsewhere – or that IS available everywhere else ?