Auto Salvage Minneapolis – Top 5 Transmission Leaks Tips

Transmission Tips from Auto Salvage Minneapolis

Tips to Deal With a Leaky Transmission by Auto Salvage Specialists

When it comes to transmission fluid leaks, the problem usually occurs over time and the cause is usually a broken seal, hose or gasket. The problem is you do not notice it until the problem is already worse.  Here are some tips on troubleshooting a transmission fluid leak.

Check the Transmission Oil Pan

According to the auto salvage specialists at Junk Cars for Cash MN, you need to look for signs of leakage on the transmission oil pan. In an automatic transmission system, the oil pan is usually bolted to the transmission case and sealed with a gasket or silicone. Over time, the gasket deteriorates and some fluids may start leaking.

Check Transmission Cooler Hoses

In most vehicles with automatic transmission, the fluid is cooled by letting it pass through a radiator type device behind the front grille of the ca. This is usually fed by rubber and steel lines . Over time, the transmission cooler hoses can weaken resulting in leakage of ATF.

Valve Body Issues

This is another area where leaks often develop. The inside of the transmission where shifts are controlled is called the valve body. In many front-wheel-drive cars this particular part is bolted to the side of the case similar to an oil pan on the bottom and like the oil pan there is also a gasket here that can weaken, developing a leak.

When to Repair Your Leaky Transmission

In order to prevent major damage to your car’s transmission as well as prevent costly repairs, the leak must be caught early in its life so as to contain it swiftly and prevent further damage to the transmission itself.  An oil pan leak can be resealed and new fluid added for say a couple of hundred dollars. The same is true for the transmission cooler hose. If you however, ignore the problem, the transmission could slip and other problems can arise.

When Your Transmission is Beyond Repair

If you have a complicated transmission leak issue where the transmission got damaged, the cost may skyrocket to the point that it may not be practical anymore to keep your vehicle. If your vehicle is old and  in spite of repairs you have done, the transmission keeps leaking, maybe it is time to cut your losses and sell it as a junk car or salvage car. Talk to a reputable junkyard or Cash for Junk Car dealer today to know your options.